The Audience Episode 204 - Musician and Festival Producer Josh Windmiller on Performer Flow states and the Performer-Audience Dynamic

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My guest for this episode is Josh Windmiller, musician and event producer. Josh is an amazing and electric performing artist who has worked in many parts of the music industry, both onstage and off. His band, The Crux, is known for their revivalist, theatrical shows.

Josh (among many other things) is the Founder and Director of the Railroad Square Music Festival in Santa Rosa, CA, and has also been the Music Director for Petaluma, CA’s Rivertown Revival festival for more than a decade. He manages The Sam Chase, a San Francisco-based folk rock & roll band, and he is starting a new theater (The Lost Church) in Santa Rosa.

I’ve known Josh for over 10 years, since the first time seeing The Crux perform, and am always captivated by his performances. In prepping for the episode, I learned a bunch about his background in theatre and education AND discovered that he’s such a student of the performer-audience dynamic. We had a chance to discuss that, how he triggers and experiences Flow, how he removes the traditional “4th Wall” between him and an audience, and a bunch more. And we did our level best to relate his practices and performance experiences back around to be accessible and relevant to public speakers.

I had such a good time doing this episode and hope you enjoy all of it. :-)




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