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The Audience Episode 005: MindValley Co-Founder Ajit Nawalkha and His New Book, 'Live Big'

In Episode 005 of The Audience, I get to chat with the awesome Ajit Nawahlka — Co-Founder of Mindvalley, entrepreneurial spirit guide and best-selling author. His new book, Live Big, was released recently and we spend some of the episode discussing its key ideas, as well as Ajit’s unique perspective on living a fulfilled life as an entrepreneur.

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The Audience Episode 004: StoryFuel Founder Melanie Deziel

My guest for this Episode 004 of The Audience is StoryFuel Founder and keynote speaker, Melanie Deziel. Melanie helps brands tell better stories, and is speaking on some of the largest conference stages in the world. In this episode, we talk a bunch about good storytelling tactics and her best practices for growing as a public speaker.

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