The Audience Episode 006: Designer/Brand Strategist/Urbanista Quinn Tempest

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Episode 006 of The Audience features special guest Quinn Tempest, a digital strategist and designer based in Phoenix. For 5 years, she served as Director of Marketing at top internet marketing agency, Vertical Measures. She has worked with enterprise-level corporations, including Banner Health and UPS, to develop large-scale, paradigm-shifting content marketing strategies. As a designer, she helps small businesses and entrepreneurs create attractive, strategic websites and brands that drive holistic results. She is also the co-founder of a successful digital urban awareness platform, This Could Be PHX. 

In this chat with Quinn I dive into a bunch of fun things including:

  • How to know as an entrepreneur when you’re ready to leap away from a single “regular paycheck” client to more variety 

  • Purposeful work and aligning your day to day with what brings you joy and who you’re draw to serve

  • Tips on owning your own voice in business, life, as a thought leader

  • Her creative process and alchemy as a designer and brand consultant, and how she applies that to her public speaking

  • How she aligns the free flow of creativity and structure in her process

  • Why Instagram is her go-to marketing channel, how she uses it, and her other favorite digital tools

  • Her take on the event industry, advice to speakers, and self care tips




Thank you, THANK YOU to Ixchel Rainbow Living for their support and sponsorship of this episode.

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