The Audience Episode 007: Women of Email Co-Founders Jen Capstraw and April Mullen

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Episode 007 (unofficially my James Bond episode) of The Audience features my first pair of guests —Jen Capstraw and & April Mullen. Both are email marketers extraordinaire and Co-Founders of the global nonprofit organization, Women of Email. 

Jen is a strategist, speaker, writer and #emailgeek — currently the Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism at Iterable. April leads client marketing and strategy for Selligent Marketing Cloud. 

We covered a lot of important topics in this jam-packed episode, including:

  • A discussion about what’s so fulfilling about being an email marketer

  • Why email marketers take to public speaking and engaging an audience so well

  • What Women of Email is doing to help mentor its 2500+ members, including a full-fledged WoE speaker bureau

  • Important discussions about inclusivity at events

  • How we can prevent harassment from occurring at events

  • How we might encourage more organizers to implement stronger code of conduct policies.

  • Expert advice for speakers from each of Jen and April’s unique perspective


Show notes for this episode with Jen and April

Women of Email official site

Jen on Twitter | LinkedIn

April on Twitter | LinkedIn

Kristin Bond (Women of Email Co-Founder) on Twitter | LinkedIn

Laura Atkins (Women of Email Co-Founder) on Twitter | LinkedIn

Code of Conduct examples for Event Planners