The Audience Episode 008: iStrategyLabs Founder Peter Corbett on Knowing When to Quit Your Day Job

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My guest for Episode 008 is Peter Corbett, who I’ve had the pleasure to know for a number of years as we’ve worked in various overlapping circles in the tech community.

Peter is the Founder and now Retired CEO of iStrategyLabs, a DC-based, global digital agency, that develops solutions to clients’ challenges and brings them to life in the online and offline world. He is a tireless champion of innovation, and disruptors everywhere — be they in technology, business, media, venture capital, and more

We sat down to talk about his life as a "Retired Founder," including:

  • What led to his decision to sell ISL to J. Walter Thompson

  • How he knew he was ready to let go of a business he’d founded and built into a global innovator over the course of 10+ years

  • How to identify when you’re not aligned with a project or venture anymore

  • What he’s doing now, with the space created by letting go of running ISL full-time

  • Ideas for how to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur

This is a great episode for any of you who has been running a startup, business, consultancy, etc, and has been wondering if it’s time to let go of that to pursue other things that are more aligned with what is your truth right now.


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