The Audience Episode 009: Affinity VP of Marketing Anne Gherini on Strategies for Thriving in the Startup Scene

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My guest for this episode is Anne Gherini a marketing executive, writer, and public speaker with over a decade of experience leading both B2B and B2C marketing teams. Anne’s career roots include building strategic partnerships for Paramount Pictures and Sony PlayStation — which has led to building successful marketing strategies at several venture backed startups, including StumbleUpon and now at Anne's superpowers these days include go-to-market strategy, performance marketing, and artificial intelligence for sales and marketing. She is also a columnist for Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, and more.

If you caught Episode 008 with Peter Corbett, you heard some great advice and cues for anyone looking to exit from a startup or entrepreneurial venture — or at least how to read the intuitive signs of when it’s time to transition to something new.

In this episode, Anne and I talk about what it takes to thrive in the startup scene. This episode is great for any of you thinking about starting a business — whether it’s purely a solopreneur business or one for which you might eventually need funding.

Things we discussed in this episode include:

  1. What qualities are needed to thrive in startup life

  2. How corporate jobs are like cruise ships, while startups are like a Jet Ski

  3. The skills for succeeding in a startup that translate well to success as a public speaker

  4. Her network-building philosophies and best practices — and her take on the role that artificial intelligence plays into the future of networking


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