The Audience Episode 010: Cigna Head of Leadership Development, Dr. Taryn Stejskal, on Resilient Leadership and Communiti

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My guest for this episode is Dr. Taryn Stejskal, who is currently the Head of Leadership Development, Executive Programs, & Coaching for Cigna. In that role, Dr. Stejskal leads strategy and execution of Cigna’s global talent management agenda and enterprise-wide leadership development initiatives focused on executive programs and coaching. 

She is an expert on leadership and organizational resilience, and is writing, speaking, and lecturing frequently on her research around this important topic. It was an awesome conversation that included:

  • The work in physical trauma and rehabilitation that led her to a path of exploring organizational resilience

  • The Five Qualities of Resilience that is a frequent topic of Dr. Stejskal’s on the speaking circuit

  • How these five qualities can be used as a recipe for developing better leaders, communities, and human relationships

  • Her thoughts on what’s needed to cultivate more resilient leaders

  • Key strategies for confronting fear and resistance in our pursuit of a more authentic, more resilient life 

This is all really foundational stuff, IMO, for anyone who is starting or growing a business — including speaking, performance, or bringing transformation to an audience. 


So much gratitude goes to Ixchel Rainbow Living for support and sponsorship of this episode.

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