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Soulful Event Services

Coaching + Consulting to help you thrive

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Get our insider’s perspective to help you get on the road to awesome as a conference / event speaker, including:

  • Intention setting and helping discover ‘why event speaking?’

  • Topic and speaking proposal review + coaching

  • Market research, event scouting and matchmaking

  • Presentation development coaching

  • Full speaker booking services

  • Onsite networking strategies

  • Event success strategies for introverts!

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You’re a regular on the speaking circuit looking for help amplifying your existing speaker biz? We’ve got you:

  • Industry research / Client matchmaking

  • Professional photo / video services (via subcontract)

  • Personal tech and AV services (via subcontract)

  • Health, Wellness, and Balance strategies

  • Full speaker booking services (for you too!)

  • Travel concierge services