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Soulful Service Offerings:

All EventSoul service offerings are high-touch, custom, and aligned with your specific vision, business goals, and impact you want to make in the world. They include:

  • Gig Prospecting - Research, Strategies & Consulting

  • Strategies for building and nurturing relationships with event producers

  • Speaking Proposal Coaching, Writing & Pitching

  • Presentation Consulting & Design

  • Marketing Strategy & Management

  • Omnichannel Speaker Kit Design & Consulting

  • Business Development Consulting

  • Event Planning and Management Consulting

I will be your partner to demystify the numerous moving pieces of the event business, and how to be a successful, paid speaker within it. All of my services are as integral to suit your business goals as you need them to be. You get my strategy, expertise, and abilities for every aspect of your speaking business. 

I’m a 15+ year veteran of the conference business, organizing events of many shapes and sizes, from every angle of the business. I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in tech, marketing, and more — and hundreds of amazing smart humans whose names you don’t know. I have that unique unicorn blend of Talent Development, Operations, and Marketing knowhow, with a proven track record of making speakers better at what they do.

Below is a more detailed description of my services.

Most events happening in 2020 are already booking speakers...

...which is reason alone to book an appointment with me TODAY. If you’re fired up and committed to activating your #SpeakerAwesome mission for 2019/2020, don’t dally. Let’s chat!

Speaking Gig Research & Prospecting

One of the biggest challenge areas for speakers — new and seasoned — is keeping up with where the heck to find speaking gigs AND how to get yourself in front of event organizers. Honestly, there’s just A LOT. That opportunity ecosystem alone overwhelms even some of the most seasoned speakers.

I’ll help you:

  1. Identify the types of speaking opportunities that align best with your message and mission

  2. Give you a ton of best practices and tips on how booking within each event type (conference, industry, corporate, etc) typically operates

  3. Help you create a custom, systematic blueprint for scouting and pitching yourself to those event organizers

  4. Help you figure out what to charge for your services, and how to get paid what your time and expertise are worth

I’ll work with you to create an organized, curated, living pipeline of speaking gigs that excite you and best align with your message and the core mission of your speaking business.

And if you have ZERO tech in place to track your asks and opportunities, fear not. I’ll give you suggestions for a tech stack that best fits your needs and comfort zone to run your business.

Proposal Strategy, Writing, & Pitching

There is an art to a well-crafted speaking proposal that makes an event producer want to hire you. I’ve reviewed thousands of speaking proposals, and have helped coach hundreds of speakers on creating compelling speaking proposals and abstracts. 

You’ll get my full expertise and talent to do the same for you — including:

  • Understanding the anatomy of a winning proposal

  • Templates and scripts custom tailored to your brand

  • Coaching to help you align each pitch to each organizer’s specific audience needs

And if there’s no open call for speakers or no clear door of entry into an event? I’ll set you up with suggestions and best practices for going through the side door, back door, or parachuting into (metaphorically speaking, of course) those events.

I also offer full service copywriting services if you’d rather hand that off, and options to do all of the outreach for you — involving you (of course) throughout the process .

Presentation Consulting & Design

I work with you hand-in-hand to create a memorable, relevant presentation at each of your booked speaking gigs, including:

The talk itself...

You’ll get full access to my years of expertise helping speakers shape and refine their presentation content — to help you make sure yours is on-point for each audience. 

I’ll help you create a scalable system for taking your core presentation content and easily adding pieces (like Batman’s utility belt, but with words) that align your talk seamlessly with a specific audience — so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every speaking engagement.

Awesome presentation slides…

Your presentation slides should always accentuate your talk, not compete with or detract from it. You’ll get everything you need to have a slide deck that is on-brand and complements the heart of your presentation message:

  • My expertise from reviewing and coaching hundreds of speakers on their presentations 

  • Slide design best practices, checklists, and resources

  • Custom templates to get you started

  • Full, soup-to-nuts design services also available

Worry-free tech...

  • My best must-have tools recommendations

  • Tips for making the event’s AV / Tech specialists your BFFs (a huge bonus to your onsite experience)

  • Easy tactics for capturing video and photos of you speaking, for future marketing

Marketing Strategy

I offer my unique perspective and expertise working in the Program, Marketing, and Operations areas of the event business, including:

  • Helping you understand the anatomy of a session abstracts that feed an event’s marketing machine (doing some of the marketing work for you)

  • Social media practices and consulting to turn Facebook, Instagram, and more into a year-round machine for finding gigs

  • Content marketing and word of mouth strategies to build buzz around your talk 

  • Automated, real-time social media campaigns to keep the buzz going while you’re onsite and gin up a ton of engagement — even while you’re on stage

  • An easy-to-repeat system for getting tons of mileage out each presentation, post-event

And…if marketing’s just not your happy place (but you know you have to do it), full marketing services are available to do that work for you.

Speaker Press Kit & Marketing Portfolio

A basic, well-designed speaker kit should be part of every professional speaker’s portfolio, but creating one doesn’t have to be as crushing (or expensive) as that sounds. I can work with you to:

  • Teach you the most important elements of a speaker packet, and help you develop that

  • Create a basic, SEO-enriched website aligned with your brand, content, and speaking services (Really, you don’t need a giant website)

  • Implement a plan to capture professional-looking video and photos 

  • Set up a Facebook page for your speaking business

  • Help you optimize and align your social media profiles to your speaking business brand 

  • Full design and development services are also available

Pre and Post-Event

Pre-event, it’s about getting you in the zone and ready for show time and to deliver an amazing talk. I offer you my expertise, strategies, and resources including:

  • Networking tips to warm up your audience, pre-event

  • Expert and effective audience engagement strategies and coaching

  • A guide to making the event organizers and Operations team your BFFs, before you even show up (VERY important!)

  • Pre-event prep and warm up checklists

  • Confidence and focus hacks

  • Flow and peak performance coaching

  • Balance and wellness coaching

And more! All bundled in a nifty pre-event Speaker Thrive pack.

And after you rocked it, it’s all about creating momentum with the magic you just unleashed...

  • Easy strategies to get testimonials from attendees and the event organizers

  • Feedback and communication strategies (giving and receiving)

  • Tips and best practices to get re-hired and recommended by the organizers

  • Active recovery and wellness tips to get you right back into flow

And more! Also in a nifty Speaker Thrive kit.

And I, of course, offer full-service concierge services to do this heavy lifting for you, if you’re time strapped.

[Future] Business Development

Working with me, I’ll help you create momentum and develop systems and practices for leveraging each talk into future speaking gigs and other new business/client opportunities. 

I’ll help you develop networking strategies that fit your personality type (confession, I’m an introvert. I get it.) to help you identify the best people to connect with at the event, that align best with the purpose and long term goals of your business. 

And if you need an assist, I can help make some of those connections for you — before, during, and after the event — setting meetings onsite and offsite on your behalf that perfectly elevate your business development goals.

Event Planning & Management Consulting

One way to draw people to your particular brand of expertise is to host your own event (physical or virtual) and bring the people to you!

I’ll draw on my years of experience in the event industry to create a step-by-step, soup to nuts blueprint for you to host your own event experience(s) — creating the Human2Human connections that you can spin into future gold (speaking, consulting, future events, etc) for your speaking business.

And I’ll be there every step of the way as you need it — from idea to that post-event ahhhhhhh, without the headache or overwhelm.

Many of these services can be rolled into a custom ‘Done For You’ concierge option, for the busiest of people Who are ready to make that investment in themselves and their business.

You get a partner You can trust to handle the heavy lifting of your business — allowing you to keep your eye on your ideas, mastering your speaking art, and making magic with the world.

P.S. Are you a seasoned speaker who’s booking gigs but looking for additional help? Let’s talk. I offer lots of custom and a la carte options for you to eliminate your biggest challenges or bottlenecks and keep you in your expansive genius zone.